These extremely stylish window units are perfect for offices as well as homes. Of course, they don’t offer the ability to be opened and closed, as many of our other window products do, but this is a purposeful part of their design. Used in situations where an opening window would potentially be a problem, our fixed windows are made with a high gloss finish in order to maximise the amount of light that is reflected from a frame into the interior of a building.

They are ideal for parts of your home or office which are subject to air conditioning and where an opening window would therefore be inappropriate. They are also perfect for some situations, such as ground floor windows which face the street, where an opening window would potentially allow for unauthorised access.

With superb security properties, our fixed windows are manufactured to order and can be designed for virtually any space. As well as the superb sight lines that are afforded, our fixed windows offer impeccable levels of thermal performance. Not only do they trap heat on the inside during the winter months, but they are quite capable of insulating the interior of your home from excessive heat in the summer.

Furthermore, they provide exceptional acoustic performance and minimise noise from the outside, ideal if you happen to overlook a busy road or noisy street.

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Our both budget and premium double glazing solutions meet New Zealand requirements for UV stability and uPVC formula. Our premium BRANZ-approved double glazing is produced with a frame system that uses a profile that is imported from one of the leading European brands. So, customers can expect reliably produced and locally manufactured double glazing from Auckland, but remain assured of some of the best-performing products around thanks to the superior design properties that offer great thermal insulation and lower draughts.

Kiwi Windows has reinvested over the years so that it can supply customers with some exceptionally favourable pricing. By using the latest technologies and having developed lean manufacturing processes, cost savings are passed on to our customers. However, this is no cheap operation and the highly qualified workers we employ bring all of their expertise to every set of new windows we produce. Many of them have a significant number of years of experience behind them. As window manufacturers, we are driven by providing the highest degree of customer service possible. This extends from manufacturing to high standards as well as offering a safe and reliable window installation process that means each product is fitted expertly and on time.

As our mission, the team at Kiwi Windows would say that it is to provide New Zealanders with world-class standards for their windows and doors which will help them stay comfortable at all times of the year, regardless of the weather.