Utopia by Christian Lacroix

The Utopia collection by Christian Lacroix is the finale of the trilogy which began just two years ago with L’Odyssée and Atlantis. Recent events have led us all to rethink how we see our homes and how we live in them so the design team at Christian Lacroix Maison wanted to add even more imagination, spirit and freedom to the collections so they could be combined to suit each person’s preferences and needs. In this collection of decorative printed and embroidered fabrics as well as digital panel wallpapers, inspiration is drawn from the “world after” that we have all been dreaming of to create our new opus, “Utopia”, where things are not always what they seem, and where, most importantly, the impossible does not exist.

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    Upholstery, Cushions & Covers, Wallpapers
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    Christian Lacroix Utopia
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