Compact ventilation control panel. Up to 0.5 A total drive current. 1 ventilation group. Ventilation safety function (storage operation OPEN / CLOSED). Optional connection to rain detectors or wind / rain sensors without an additional module. Flush‑mounted installation in deep switch box Ø 58 mm.

  • Category
    Home Automation, Automation & AI Solutions, Entry Automation
  • Supply: 230 V AC / 50 Hz / 15 VA
  • Output: 24 V DC / 0.5 A
  • Mode of operation: Short-time duty 20 % duty cycle
  • Type of protection: IP 30
  • Temperature range: 0 °C ... +50 °C
  • Housing: Plastic
  • Colour: Light grey (~ RAL 7035)
  • W x H x D: 50 x 48 x 28 mm
  • Weight: 0.13 kg
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