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Interior Tiles - Velvet by Edimax Astor

The consistent and intense research spent developing the products offered by our brand and the attention to the technical and the aesthetic innovations has allowed us to release, through new technology, the first “3D Shaped Technology” collection; Velvet - Marble Tiles from Edimax Astor.

By introducing this innovative and unprecedented production process we surpass the limitation of the traditionally existing two-dimension digital technologies. The applications of precious glazes and grits shape, making them real and tangible, the structures, veins, reliefs, grooves and organic differences typical of the products of which the Velvet Marble Tiles series are inspired: natural stones.

Look, touch, feel and wonder: this is the process of the new sensory experience that you will live, with Velvet. Graphics and structure correspond, design and matter are integrated, the senses of sight and touch converge and help to find a new “real feel”.

From the selection of precious marble stones, worn out by the time, Velvet presents hollow veins, organic depressions. Blend of different marble with smooth differences in shading and graphics. All the surfaces are naturally satined without losing the technical performance. There are 3 different marble stones in this collection, marked by different graphics and colours: white, grey and almond.

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