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Ventia Iron Roof Underlay


The next-generation Ventia Iron Roof Underlay from E Built has exceptional breathability, high absorbency, tear resistant with high tensile strength and fire retardant.

BRANZ Appraisal No. 1136 (2020), Ventia Iron Roof Underlay meets and exceeds the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

To emphasise the extraordinary quality of Ventia Iron Roof Underlay:

  • Exceptional breathability that greatly reduces condensation.
    • Thus, helps prevent long-term internal building damage.
    • Helps reduce or avoid the health issues associated with damp homes.
    • Thanks to its high breathability it can be used directly on the thermal insulation layer without the need for a ventilation gap.
  • High absorbency to deal with any condensation that occurs with large changes in temperature over the day-night cycles.
    • Further helping to prevent long-term internal building damage.
    • Further contributing to a drier, healthier home.
  • Very high tensile strength and tear resistance.
    • Allowing this underlay to be suitable for all wind zones.
    • Low (115.2 kph), Medium (133.2 kph), High (158.4 kph), Very high (180 kph)
    • Extra high (198 kph) -when used as an overlay for rigid wall underlays.
  • Fire retardant

In the case of a low-pitched roof (less than 10° and minimum of 3°) self-supporting Ventia Platinum Plus Heavy-Duty Underlay, BRANZ Appraisal No. 1167 (2021), can be installed horizontally without support providing spanning is no greater than 1200 mm.

To be used in combination with the wall underlay, sill & jamb corner moulds with BRANZ-appraised flashing tape and penetration seals.

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