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Wall Sculptures by Robin Ranga

Wall Sculptures by Robin Ranga, compositions favour the use of negative space to enhance the narrative of her works. 

Robin Ranga is a multi-media artist who works from her home studio in Port Waikato. Through her figurative work, she explores universal ideas of psychology, sociology, and culture; the results are sensitive and compassionate pieces that invite contemplation. Ranga is drawn to the use of clay for its conceptual connections to the human condition. 

As the artist describes, like clay, "we are durable, malleable, and fragile - and able to be transformed by a passionate blaze, with skill, knowledge, and respect". Her handling of clay leaves evidence of the maker's hand; referencing the tactile qualities of clay and the humanness of the maker. Ranga's wall plaques, for example, imply environments we have all frequented without alluding to them literally- this approach leaves room for the viewer's personal interpretations.

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