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Weathertex Cladding (Weatherboards | Panels)

Weathertex manufactures weatherboards and panels using sustainable new growth Australian hardwood in an ISO 9001 certified process. It is the only timber product of its kind in the world, that contains no artificial glues, silicas or binders. The Weathertex Natural range is now the first manufactured product GLOBALLY to achieve a Platinum GreenTag Certification. 

Features and benefits:

  1. Easy to install: lightweight, strong and easy to cut using standard DIY tools.
  2. Large panels (3.66m height) and lower wastage costs on the Weathergroove Range 
  3. 100% Natural: 97% Australian hardwood timber and 3% natural wax.
  4. Better than zero carbon footprint.
  5. 25* year guarantee not to rot, split or crack.
  6. No LRV restrictions. Can be painted in dark colours without affecting warranty conditions.
  7. BRANZ Appraised

 Types of Weathertex cladding

1. Natural Cladding

The Natural range is an unprimed board which provides a unique appearance, with the characteristics and looks of raw, undressed timber. The natural surface is pressed to create a woodgrain effect. Its rough, deep cut pattern shows all the knots, grains and imperfections of natural timber. It can be left to weather naturally or to be stained. When allowed to weather naturally, the depth of colour will vary, subject to location and sun exposure allowing for unique styles. The Natural range weatherboards and panels are covered by a 15 year warranty not to rot, split or crack. Please refer to warranty manual on downloads page.

Retain original colour

Weathertex Natural begins as a dark hardwood colour. Left uncoated it will lighten from UV. To retain the original colour boards should be stained.  If the boards lighten but you want to restore them to their original colour, you can do so at any time. Clean the boards with an appropriate deck cleaner and a sturdy deck cleaning brush before staining. 


Left to weather naturally by the sun, the timber will lighten and "silver" off after a period of time. This can produce some beautiful results that become a unique feature of the construction. For best results use this technique on buildings that are exposed to full sun and aren't obscured by fences, trees or awnings. Weathertex is made with Australian hardwood timber and colours may slightly vary season to season. To stop the silvering off process the boards can be stained at any time which will protect the boards from the sun, as well as allow for a range of colours and depth. Boards can be brought back to their original dark colour by first scrubbing with a deck cleaner and then applying the appropriate coloured stain.


Weathertex Natural range can be stained and sealed in the same manner as other hardwood timbers. Firstly, wash the boards with deck cleaner and make sure they are clean and dry before staining. When staining follow the direction of the cladding to ensure each board has an even coating. 

Coat the boards with a soft brush first before cutting in the edges. Add another coat, then cut in again. A third coat is optimal but recommended, and there is no need to cut in the edges again on the third coat. Keep a wet edge throughout to make sure visible layers aren't seen on the finished product. Stopping and staring during coating may lead to an uneven finish as the stain will dry in uneven layers.

We do not recommend a clear coat or varnish, as water based stains with pigment help protect the timber from UV. Maintenance of the stain is required to stop fading over time. Please make sure to follow all stain product instructions as they may vary.  

2. Selflok Weatherboards

Selflok is a favourite in the family of Weathertex cladding systems. Selflok Weatherboards have the simplest self-locking system, which allows every board to self gauge. The precise routing of each board gives the product a beautiful and unique ship lapped profile that makes it the first choice for many.

Ecogroove Weatherboards from the Selflok range are increasingly popular. Ecogroove smooth is the ideal choice for a smooth-to-touch finish, where as the Selflok Ecogroove woodsman provides the distinct wood grain texture of natural timber. Both are available in varying sizes. 


  1. The unique lapping system allows a quick and easy installation. 
  2. It is a durable and lightweight product.
  3. Requires only standard woodworking tools.
  4. Supplied preprimed. 
  5. No LRV restrictions. Can be painted in dark colours without affecting warranty conditions. 

 3. Primelok Weatherboards

The Primelok weatherboard fixing system ensures a perfect and easy alignment of the boards, reducing installation time. The overlapping of each board typical of a classic bevel back profile, conceals fixings, resulting in smooth, clean, straight lines. Primelok Weatherboards are suitable for gun nailing installation, and are supplied pre-primed as a standard feature. 


  1. The unique lapping system allows a quick and easy installation.
  2. It is a durable and lightweight product. 
  3. Requires only standard woodworking tools.
  4. Pre-primed.
  5. No LRV restrictions. Can be painted in dark colours without affecting warranty conditions. 

 4. Weathergroove Panels

Weathergroove is the largest panel available in the New Zealand market. This vertically grooved panel is ideal for covering large areas in a short time and it's versatility offers endless possibilities.

For improved performance, an exclusive joining system has been designed to clip onto the rebated edges of each panel, blending in perfectly with each Weathergroove sheet for a continuous panel finish. Please see the Weathertex installation manual for details.


  1. Off-stud joining system
  2. Quick Installation
  3. No sealant or adhesives required for sheet jointing installation
  4. Pre-primed
  5. 3660mm height panel size - the largest available in the market
  6. Requires only standard woodworking tools.
  7. No LRV restrictions. can be painted in dark colours without affecting warranty conditions.
  8. Available also in natural.


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