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WR Cedar Panelling & Sarking

Western Red Cedar or Thuja Plicata heartwood is a sought after, popular choice for numerous applications, both internally and externally due to its many features and qualities. Generally a pinkish salmon to red colour but can also be chocolate brown, the sapwood is narrow and almost white. WR Cedar is dimensionally stable but the grain pattern can vary considerably from close and straight to patterned and wavy. 

Uses and applications: WR Cedar, with its attractive appearance, is suitable for panelling and joinery. However, because the timber is soft it is subject to indentation and therefore should not be put in applications requiring a hard-wearing timber. WR Cedar is also ideal for exterior cladding, provided only heartwood is used.

Physical and mechanical properties: WR Cedar is low density softwood and is not a structural timber. Is generally selected due to its decorative an aesthetic qualities.  

Due to its low density and softness, WR Cedar is not ideal in areas that will be subject to high surface impact or wear.  

WR Cedar is easily worked - it cuts, drills, glues and coats with Stain/Oil and Paint well. 

Natural durability: Highly durable timber when used in above ground applications.

Board lengths range from 1.8m to 6m but is supplied as a random spread.


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