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Xila Kitchen

DESIGN: CRS Boffi (re-edition of the model designed in 1972 by Luigi Massoni)

DESCRIPTION: Kitchen programme which is recognised among the masterpieces of Italian design. The kitchen has been manufactured since 1972 and it was the first kitchen available with no handle, with a door opening, on the base units and on the suspended units in shaped aluminium profile, thus allowing to easily fit the hand to the open the door. The old model is reviewed and offered entirely removing the handles, on the intermediate drawers and on the refrigerator tall units too, through the addition of new aluminium extruded profiles available in three finishes. Available with tops in many different finishes: Corian®, marble, granite, stones, stainless steel, wood and laminate.
In 2012 new materials for this kitchen: worktops, doors and side panels in frosted painted glass which gives a more refined imagine to this product. In 2013 a 3 mm. aluminium sheet (steel or dark) finish has been added.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: Kitchen unit system, consisting of base units, wall units and tall units, with square-edged doors. It allows to use different built-in, flush-mounted, welded or sealed-on-the-top stainless steel hobs and sinks.


Units: they are made in wood particle boards, 19 mm thick, compliant with any European standard (class 1, low formaldehyde content), enriched with melamine-resin thick paper, in the silk white and open-pore graphite oak finish. Two unit side panel height available: 790 or 852 mm.
Plinths and handle rails: in aluminium profile with a unique height and depth adjusting system. Plinth height h= 50, 80, 120 mm.

Hand rails with a new unit fitting system.

Doors and fronts available in:
- medium density 23 mm thick in all the Boffi colour range, Silcover or M+ lacquer or polyester lacquer finish.
- laminate with panels in wood particle board, with an aluminium or wood profile and plated with two HPL laminates, in 26 colours, 0.9 mm thick. The trim is inside the two laminates or an external border is available, 1.2 mm thick.
- Panels in wood particle board, 22 mm thick, veneered in wood with a finished edge.
- Decomat, in full Boffi range, with laser edge.
- Frosted, painted glass (white, dove grey and coffee), th. 4 mm., with 19 mm. thick melamine-coated supporting panel, in same finish as carcass, with edge in stainless steel, white or black as the handle-rail finish.
- Pre-satin AISI 304 stainless steel, 20 mm. thick, boxed structure, with filling panel made of light inert material
- 3 mm. thick aluminium sheet, steel or dark finish, with 19 mm. thick melamine-coated supporting panel, in same finish as carcass. White, black or stainless steel edge, in same finish as handle-rail.
- Aluminium in panels in natural anodised stratified aluminium
- White Corian® on honeycomb board
- 3D veneer wood, made of staves with different widths and thicknesses.
- 3D solid wood, made of staves with different widths and thicknesses in solid wood, treated with natural oil.

Handle: doors with no handle but exhibiting a continuous aluminium grooved handle rail, fitted to the unit in satin stainless steel, matt white or black.

Units: base units H= 790 o 852 mm. L= 150 – 300 – 400 – 450 – 500 - 600 – 750- 900 - 1200 mm.

Wall units H= 440 - 600 – 720 - 880 – 1160 mm., unit width complies with the base unit width

Tall units H= 1900 – 2060 - 2130 - 2340 mm. L= 300 – 450 – 600 –900 mm.

Worktops: available in any thickness and in different material: double laminate, solid stave wood, Corian®, squared stainless steel, stones, marbles, granites and composite stones. Back panels - between the top and the wall units - are available in the same materials, but 20 mm thick.They can be fitted with chrome-plated o stainless steel racks.

Worktops in 12 mm. thick frosted painted glass (white, dove grey or coffee) are available too.

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