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Allproof Industries N.Z LTD. is a private New Zealand family owned manufacturing, marketing and distribution company specialising in Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage Systems, Fire Protection, Construction Waterproofing and Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Products.

Allproof has placed itself at the forefront of design, quality and service for the construction industry and has high levels of communication with other leaders in the industry ensuring designers and tradespeople alike get the best in innovative and quality products when they need them.

Allproof prides itself on being able to solve problems that can delay a project and because of this new products are being developed all the time.

Allproof Industries N.Z LTD. have a research and development programme in place to create suitable products for the Plumbing and Drainage industry and more specifically to the Australia/New Zealand standard AS/NZ 3500.2.2

A large percentage of Allproof Industries products are manufactured by Allproof and supported by local New Zealand manufacturers. Because of this Allproof Industries is able to maintain control of quality and price stability which makes Allproof an attractive alternative to costly imported products produced outside New Zealand.

Because Allproof Industries is an Auckland based company with onsite workshops it can deliver fully customised products and off the shelf modified products with a fast turn around time, instantly relieving installation issues faced on site.

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