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When every single one of our home appliances makes your life a little bit easier – that’s Bosch in every detail.

Bosch believes the perfect home appliance must be designed for one thing above all else: to make your time spent in the kitchen or laundry as pleasant as possible. Every detail of every appliance has been carefully designed, produced and tested by our engineers to fully satisfy the highest standards in quality, performance and convenience. The result is cutting-edge technology, timeless design and remarkable ease of use, reducing the workload for you and consistently delivering perfect results.

Proven quality

Bosch devotes the same high level of care, passion and dedication to all areas of our work – from the first design draft right through to customer service. It’s the same Bosch quality that you have been able to rely on for more than 128 years. 

Bosch appliances offer premium quality, advanced technology, ease of operation and outstanding German made and engineered technology. These attributes have earned us many accolades, such as the red dot design award, the iF design award and other endorsements year after year.

Top performance

What drives Bosch every day is our desire to improve. We strive to make the best even better, by developing functional, durable and energy-efficient innovations that surpass all expectations. Take, for example, the new PerfectBake sensor in our Series 8 ovens – perfectly baked pastries and cakes, at the touch of a button.

Maximum convenience

Bosch is dedicated to making your life easier. Our innovative appliances are easy to use, and you won’t waste a second trying to figure out how they work. Sophisticated features deliver the best results every time, and save you considerable effort and expense in the process.

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