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Cemintel Territory

Cemintel Territory
  • Fibre Cement Specialist
  • Lightweight Composite Specialist

New materials influence the way buildings are defined. Cemintel is responding to the growing importance of external and internal cladding with Territory.

The Territory cladding range acts on the preference for prefinished, lightweight materials and the desire for buildings to enhance the environment where we live. From external façades to interior surfaces, Territory is a reinterpretation of cladding as we know it.

A natural cladding range that comes from the Japanese values of simplicity, nature and quality. It is a building block for your home.

These prefinished cladding panels simulate materials like stone, timber, concrete, metal, tiles and smooth render, in a sophisticated way that enhances building facades, without the ongoing maintenance.

We know the importance of cladding. It has to do more than just look good. It protects you and your loved ones. Through constant innovation, Cemintel brings you more choice, better performance and greater comfort.

  • An excellent performance against code mark certified ISO 5560 testing and classed as a type A cladding material.
  • The prefinished panels do not need painting.
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance required.
  • Simple clip fixing system for easy installation.
  • The Territory system provides a ventilated cavity to keep your building dry.
  • NichiGuard® stain resistant and self-cleaning coating*.
  • Platinum coating technology protects against UV damage and colour fade.
  • Free from asbestos and safe to use in New Zealand building projects.
  • Panels are machined with a complementary tongue and groove profile that easily fit together.
  • Choice of simple aluminium or colour matched, preformed corners to suit your desired aesthetic.

*Not available on all finishes

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