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Selling pre-loved furniture on consignment is a concept that is very popular in Europe and America, and has now been developed in Auckland by Wendy Francis-Ching with her showroom Consignment, in the heart of Newmarket. The point of difference here is that the focus is not on Mid-century or Vintage furnishings, but on high-end, contemporary European and North American designer pieces which are timeless, beautifully made and last forever.

Consignment allows for redistribution, recycling and moving furniture that benefits both the consignor and the buyer…

For buyers, there is a continuous introduction of new and original stock which caters to a myriad of decorating styles. 

For consignors, consignment is the most lucrative and rewarding way to on-sell furnishings that no longer meet your needs, and save money on storage fees.

“We take the stress out of moving things on…selling online can be very challenging and frustrating, often with a disappointing outcome. Consigning with us is easily done with a phone call, email or even a text. We take it from there and showcase the items in a beautiful space alongside some of the best designs in the world”.

Quality brands currently available at Consignment include Ralph Lauren, Minotti, Driade, B&B Italia, Flexform, Poliform and many more.

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." William Morris, Designer 1834-1896.

Consignment is the ultimate resource for luxury home furnishings and hard to find design treasures at moderate prices. Here you can find home furnishings and accessories no longer needed by one and desired by another.

Consigning is a form of recycling and as we are both financially and environmentally conscious, we provide a space to move your surplus items to someone else's home.

We constantly refine and redesign ourselves and our environment, so our showroom allows for redistribution, recycling and moving furniture that benefits both the consignor and the buyer; our focus is on creating an exciting, original space in which to sell or acquire modern investment pieces at competitive prices.

We are able to come and view the items you would like to consign or you are very welcome to upload your photos by email to or on our website - just click on Consign Now . . . it’s as easy as that!


We came from a place, a time when household items held a lifelong emotional attachment. Sometimes we hold on too long. Sometimes through circumstance we change and move on. These items, these things, no matter how beautiful, how cleverly designed or immaculately crafted, they are still just things. That's why we: Sit on them. Sleep on them. Eat off them. And of course, often just stand staring at them. So when you want to make space for something new, bring that thing you loved into us at Consignment.

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