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Distinction Audio & Visual
  • Design and Install of Audio & Visual Systems
  • High-End Audio Products
  • Home Theatre
  • Bespoke Audio Solutions
  • Hi Fi Systems

From a high-end home theater to an award winning stereo setup. Distinction Audio design, install and supply bespoke audio solutions in the worlds most awarded brands like: Wilson Audio, Dan D'agostino, Wisdom Audio, Trinnov, Bowers & Wilkins, Estelon too Artcoustic.

Our mission is to provide a distinctly client-focused service. We guide our clients through their performance requirements towards a system suited to their specific needs with the view to delivering an emotional experience.

Artcoustic has been engineering ground-breaking speakers of unparalleled quality since 1998. Delivering studio quality sound true to its origin, our fully customisable, modular speakers are meticulously crafted by hand and finished to complement any interior setting.

Estelon - Since 2010 Estelon is providing the most luxurious loudspeakers to the high-end community. Acoustic excellence through sophisticated engineering, as well as high-quality components, are combined in order to accommodate the brilliance of Estelon sound reproduction systems. Decades of knowledge and experience allow us to produce loudspeakers with a truly rich natural sound, creating an unimaginable musical experience.

Wisdom Audio - Never Settle For Anything Less Wisdom Audio was founded in 1996 with one goal in mind, to create the world’s finest loudspeakers unbound by limitations of current technologies and past design. Our pioneering use of large scale thin film planar-magnetic transducers, electronic crossovers in place of passive designs, and innovative woofer designs were all developed to solve problems inherent in the limitations of traditional designs and how they interact with the listening room.

Wilson Audio - The best speakers on the planet. Bar none. Audio are known for making some of the most respected and expensive high-end loudspeakers ever developed, they were established in 1973 by David Wilson and are run from Utah, USA where all their speakers are designed and built.

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