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Hacker Kitchens values quality products and our key service is as your local kitchen designers. We are here to guide you through your kitchen design, install and renovation. Häcker Kitchens is 100% German-made, but Häcker NZ is 100% owned and operated right here in New Zealand.

Our story starts with family
A kitchen is a meeting place: a common area to spend time with friends. It’s where families convene a few times a day to connect, rest, and refuel. Where they grow old together, sitting in their same spots around the table, remembering their first few meals in the space. Memories live with the scratches on the doorframe tracking your child’s growth.

A space that is important deserves a specialised design—doesn’t it?

What is Häcker Kitchens?

Häcker Kitchens, founded in 1898 by German carpenter, Hermann Häcker, are manufactured in Rödinghausen, Germany, and installed in homes worldwide. Despite its growth, Häcker Kitchens is a family owned business that still feels like family.

Our family values
The brand’s values stem from trust and transparency, innovation and creativity, but also comfort and ease. The company balances the efficiency of machines with the handiwork of humans. Each component of a Häcker kitchen is created with laser-focused care, so they fulfil your family’s needs when these pieces become a whole assembled in your home.

Your trust
Each kitchen builds trust between two families. Over time, trust turned to experience, and now, the experience is our company’s strength.

Who is Häcker NZ?  

Häcker Kitchens is 100% German-made, but Häcker NZ is 100% owned and operated in our community.

Julia grew up in Auckland. Phil is a transplant who has since fallen in love with our lives here. We are a family just like yours. We’ve brought our ideas and experience back to New Zealand to share with you—our neighbours.

Our innovation
Innovation is founded in creativity and inspiration, but also in co-operation. We work together with our clients to create kitchens that work for their families.

Julia began designing in 2003 for a company in New Zealand after completing her education in interior design. She followed her career to Dubai to eventually manage Häcker’s flagship store. She’s flown around the world to design more kitchens than she can remember for families of all kinds.

After completing his training to become an installer with Häcker, Phil became the craftsman who could transform Julia’s imagination into functioning spaces their clients love to live in.

We offer both our work experience and our understanding as parents raising a family of our own. We are passionate about our family, our custom kitchens, our clients, and this business that brings our passions together.

Your experience
As much as our brand values quality products, we highlight our service as your local designers. We are here to guide you through your kitchen renovation.

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