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Paradise Hot Tubs
  • Electric Cedar Hot Tubs
  • Gas and Wood Fired Hot Tubs
  • Available in NZ & Australia

After a few years of manufacturing traditional cedar tubs, we decided that there had to be a better way to make tubs that were more 'user friendly' with better features and benefits than any other cedar hot tub on the market.

We wanted to retain the beautiful cedar look but utilize the benefits of a leak-free, insulated, hygienic and easy to clean moulded black shell/liner.

And so after much design work and testing, our Paradise Hot Tub was created and it has proved to be a very popular and successful tub design! Our 'new generation cedar hot tubs' are a modernized version of the traditional full cedar tubs that were first designed and sold way back in the 1970's. We believe that our tubs are the best on the market in terms of looks, comfort, ease of use and efficiency. Our very positive customer feedback and ever-growing new sales from word of mouth referrals are a testament to this.

For further information including price or quote, please go to the Paradise Hot Tubs website.

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