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Designing a place that works for you
We value your ideas and aspirations, acknowledging that our advice and guidance must be tempered by your design priorities and personal journeying
The creation of beautiful living and working environments depends upon close collaboration with you as our client and successfully integrating input from co-consultants and construction personnel.

From Design Briefs and Budgets Through To Design Concepts, Detailed Documentation and Construction Work, We Are Committed To Your Interests.

Timeless Design that would capture views

Restoring some normality 
The opportunity to design this house for Eric and Raemon was the consequence of major distresses they suffered in the earthquake. Hopefully the result would play a part in restoring some normality in their lives.
The brief was for a timeless design that would capture views to the west from the Glenstrae site, provide outdoor protection from easterly winds for outdoor entertaining and for the plan to provide flexibility and purpose for a variety of uses including casual and formal dining off a large kitchen.

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