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Don’t build it. Print it. We bring your ideas to life.

Our system offers you a completely different way of construction, no limit to your ideas, fast and effective, no need to compromise.

Why 3d Print Concrete?

Great Value, Faster Construction, Less Waste.

Ideal For


Group Housing, Emergency Housing, Social Housing, Bespoke Architecture houses


Structural walls, slabs; exterior walls, architectural feature walls and slabs


Benches, Planters, Sculptures, Retaining walls, Swimming pools walls, Prefab Toilet blocks, Bollards, Climbing walls, Shelters and Sea walls


Median reservation, Acoustic walls, Slippage barriers, Cycling and pedestrian bridges

Unique Clients:

Cattle crossings, Disaster relief, Army barracks and Artificial Reef

3 Waters:

Custom Manholes, Holding tanks & Rain gardens

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