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Radikal Neon
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From Auckland, to Tel Aviv, Copenhagen, Sao Paulo and back again. We're keeping the lights on.

For the past 4 years the team at Radikal HQ have been bringing nostalgia of a time past into the future, making that traditional medium of yesterday a perfectly accessible lighting solution today using LED.

At Radikal Neon we believe neon is the coolest and that it can truly bring character to any space. But prior to establishing Radikal we had found traditional gas/glass neon an expensive art; easily broken, a pain to install and costly to run - so we searched high and low to see if a more modern technology would be able to replicate the look, without the downsides.

That's when our founder Tom discovered LED Flex Neon, having worked extensively in the lighting design arena prior to Radikal's inception, he knew this was the one! LED Neon turned out to be environmentally friendly, user friendly and wallet friendly alternative without all the downsides of glass neon. Ta-da! The ultimate glowing interior design product was born, and it’s been shining bright ever since - check out our detailed Traditional Neon vs. LED Neon comparison here. Not only is everything handmade with care but we specialise in totally bespoke custom works for whatever you have in mind. Get dreaming.

It's been a wild ride for the team since foundation in Christchurch in 2016 with our unique LED Neon signs now glowing in almost every country on earth, adorning the walls of creatives, celebrities and tastemakers the world around. Having worked with household names; Disney, Apple, Mercedes, Netflix just to name a few, and creating incredibly unique lighting experiences wherever we go with our trademark Rad Super Mini LED.

At Radikal Neon we're showing the world that not only do we know what we're doing, but absolutely love doing it too - and it shows in our vast repertoire of work, with years of experience in signage, lighting and electrical design between the team.

If there’s anything you had in mind or would like to get in touch for a no-obligation quote, just reach out below - you can even design your own sign in real time right on our website - we're here to help, big and small!

Check out our LED Neon Inspiration Wall. 

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