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We are high-performance full facade experts, looking after every aspect from design to installation.

Symonite designs, fabricates and installs modern facade systems – cladding, windows and doors, flashings, louvres, fire-rated joinery, curtain walls, as well as prefabricated, modular panels.

We have over 20 years’ experience at the leading edge of a very competitive sector. We base our solutions on proven materials and systems from the world’s top manufacturers. Our team of skilled designers, engineers, fabricators and installers work together to deliver technically superb façades that look great and stand the test of time.

We believe integrity is the key to achieving great building exteriors. Integrity of process. Integrity of materials. And integrity of workmanship. We take care of the entire façade of a new or existing building as the super-subcontractor, from the first design drawing to the last weather tightness check. We take responsibility for everything, and everything we do is done in-house.

NZs Foremost Facade Experts

We specialise in high-performance architectural exteriors and we are among the best at what we do. Over the course of 20 years we have built a formidable team, earned a reputation for excellence and reliability, and completed some of new zealand’s most complex and challenging cladding projects. 

Think Of Us As Super-Subs

We are a single-source solution for high-performing building exteriors. We look after everything, end to end, from the framing out. From the initial drawing to the final screw, you are dealing with a single team from a single company: co-ordinated, cost-efficient and completely self-contained. 

Great Team, Great To Work With 

We employ nice, talented people, we invest in their training, and we look after them. Our company culture is hugely important, highly collaborative, and it’s the reason we have such good long-term relationships with developers and contractors.  

We Are Completely Vertical 

We have the scale and capacity to successfully deliver any project on time and on budget. Symonite is a large, capable operation led by seven construction and ops managers, with ten designers, two engineers, and over 100 installers on staff. We own all our own plant, and as part of the heco group we have access to a full supply chain of high-performance façade systems. 

Superior Systems, Proven Products

We source only high-performing systems from the world’s biggest and most trusted manufacturers. Then we re-test them for local conditions and compliance. With building cladding, there’s no room for second-tier options or compromises. You get the best products for the job, every time. To explore our range of systems and products, get in touch to speak with an architectural consultant.

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