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  • Vanluk Design Limited specialises in the design, development, and manufacture of quality sustainable building products and cavity flashing systems to solve common issues in the construction industry. Vanluk’s products are being used across the board in applications from commercial settings through to residential homes.

    When John and Alex of Vanluk undertook some building inspection work they realised there was no effective, systematic solution for wall penetrations for pipes and cables in building paper. Effectiveness relied solely on the skill of the person installing them. Failure mechanisms were many, including poor workmanship, incompatible materials, improper use of sealants.

    We thought “surely there must be a standard cavity flashing available somewhere.”

    But worldwide there was nothing suitable available.

    We produced our own cavity flashing solution, designing the MG50 made from injection moulded rubbers for basic pipes up to 40 mm in diameter.

    Before long a requirement for a cavity flashing solution for larger diameter pipes and difficult shapes, such as beams penetrating through the cladding, were in demand. Vanluk responded with a product that satisfied this need. The Vanluk MG100 was born.

    Ongoing development has led to the robust solutions widely accepted by the marketplace today.

    The infinite variety of penetration inquiries presented to Vanluk prompted us to use novel manufacturing techniques, design, testing and product appraisal, and we have come up with unique solutions such as jig saw joints and escutcheon plates.

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