Planning a new build or a renovation is a large undertaking, which is why getting the right advice from your architect is really important. Using Ardmore Architects, we have more than 25 years of experience providing creative, bespoke designs, tailored to respond to client's needs and wants. If you're seeking an Architect who will listen to your ideas and provide creative architectural plans customised  for you – this is where it all begins.

Ardmore Architects: Building relationships, not just homes

We'll listen carefully and take the time to understand what you want. Then we will explore the options, and find the best way to achieve it. To answer the next question of how much will it cost ?, we recomend engaging early on, a Quantity Surveyor to prepare a project specific estimate of cost. It may then mean massaging the intial scope of work to ensure there is a happy balance of 'needs and wants' to ensure your budget is managed.

We will look after your project from concept to completion, ensuring it all happens just as you pictured



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