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Amanda Bulman and Denis Chin are the directors of bbc architects, and have been practising together since 2001. We are all are registered with the New Zealand Institute of Architects and have a diverse team of architects and technicians working with us out of the historic ‘Shed 21’ building on the Wellington waterfront.

We have undertaken a wide range of projects, with residential and community projects forming two distinct types of work we tend to do most. We enjoy the challenge of responding to specific individual needs of a residential client, and improving their life through improving their environment. Similarly we enjoy the challenge of working with a community organisation, where we are able to engage with a wider group of people who work with a common goal, allowing us to reach those who might not otherwise have access to architecture.

As our project types are diverse they also vary widely in terms of scale. We have completed many new houses and renovations, both small and large, as well as multi-unit residential and commercial projects. Each project offers its own challenges and opportunities, and we enjoy finding those and responding to them. Each project also provides potential for excellence in design and in building. As a part of our own endeavours to constantly improve our practices we also complete weather-tightness remedial work, and have found that this provides a technical challenge and knowledge about how buildings in New Zealand must respond to their environment.

We are a Wellington practise, we are adept at working with small and steep sites, however we have worked on projects from Northland to Otago. We enjoy the diversity of landscape New Zealand offers, and working in different conditions challenges our design responses, and allows us to be creative.

Mostly, we enjoy working with people, the idiosyncrasies they bring, the collaborative process, and the joy of working in architecture where the creative process is realised into a real, inhabitable place.


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