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We welcome those who desire to make a difference for others and for themselves, and in doing so change the way we live. To us, a successful project inspires authentic living; bringing deeper meaning to all those who experience it.

Blending together the right elements we seek to strengthen a connection for you and others and with your relationship to the natural world.

We create conscious living architecture that celebrates the creative expression of people in relationship with each other and in response to the land in which it inhabits. We call this creating a ‘sense of place’.  To help realise this, our design approach follows the seven petals of the living building challenge – site, water, energy, health, materials, beauty and equity.


Charissa Snijders, an award-winning Registered Architect and a Fellow of the NZIA, draws on over 20 years of professional experience. Charissa’s practice is design-led and is committed to delivering living architecture – places that delight and inspire.

To help deliver co-creative conscious living architecture that truly expresses the self, others and the land, Charissa’s preferred approach is collaborative; where the client is an integral partner in the team.

It is therefore important that we share similar values and an aligned vision to be able to deliver the results. As every project is unique, offering both challenges and opportunities: our skill is to coordinate and deliver an outcome that is not a preconceived idea but a combination of the client’s requirements, the land and the budget with the aim to achieve an outcome that is beyond all our expectations.



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