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Don Nelson Architects

Don Nelson believes in the potential of architecture to enrich the lives of those it touches. For over 30 years we have influenced new home and renovation design throughout New Zealand and in Queensland, Australia.

We are committed to integrating rigorous design processes with the unique needs of each client, to produce architectural designs of distinction. Good architecture uplifts the human spirit. Good architecture communicates modesty and clarity of purpose. Good architecture demonstrates honesty and integrity with materials and forms. Our architectural optimism is most clearly embodied in the attention to detail apparent in all of our designs. Don Nelson’s philosophy is to create architecture to inspire the soul.

A truly stunning home needs a design that is more than just pleasing to the eye. Ideally it will reflect your personality, family, location and lifestyle. Your home will include areas for interacting and yet remain private. It will take advantage of your location, but not dominate the space.

For over 30 years Don Nelson Architecture has been designing homes with lasting appeal.


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