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Gorter®, since 1928

Gorter® was established in 1928 as a metal door and window manufacturer, and in the early 90’s began specializing in high quality access products. Gorter® is now considered one of the world’s leading suppliers of access products and the Gorter® trademark is recognized as a sign of quality in construction industries across the world. The Gorter® Group is represented throughout Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.

Safe access and more
All Gorter access products are produced from the highest quality materials and are extremely strong and durable. Gorter aims to provide convenient and safe access solutions for all industrial and domestic application and through their great range of standard and custom access products, any access requirement can be met.


Gorter is an EN-ISO-9001: 2000 certified company. All Gorter products are produced in their state of the art manufacturing facilities to stringent quality specifications.


KOMO® attested by SKG in Europe. SKG is an European Notified Body (No. 0960) and internationally recognised according to ISO/IEC 17011.
Fire rating and smoke impermeability
Fire rating and smoke impermeablity approved by SKG, KOMO® attested and completed with assessments according to EN and AS. Fire rating class according to EN1634, EN13501 and AS1530-4. Smoke impermeability class according to EN1634, EN13105 and AS1530-7.


Safety is approved according to International Health and Safety Regulations, EN1050, EN-ISO14122, EN131 and NEN2484 by Aboma Keboma, a qualified and licensed safety approving institution. The reports are useful documents in the risk and safety analysis of a building.


Gorter hatches supplies many access products, including:

-Roof hatches
-Scissor stair attic ladders
-Wall/ceiling access panels
-Fixed ladders and stairs
-Removable Ladder
-Floor access panels


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