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HomeTech has been providing and installing home improvement products to New Zealanders since 1992. Brightening lives from Kaitaia to Bluff, HomeTech’s nationwide network of credited installers and contractors service residential and commercial markets in addition to working alongside designers, architects and product partners.  Collaborating with Architects and Designers, HomeTech provides a design service to assist with executing the best solution for your project, no matter how big or small.

HomeTech Solatube is one of Solatube Internationals’ biggest and longest standing clients and has the distinction of having the highest market penetration worldwide. With 10 years guarantee on both product and certified installation we pride ourselves on offering you the highest performing daylighting solution into your home or project.

The unparalleled performance of Solatube Daylighting and the positive effects daylighting is showing to have on achievement, focus and general wellbeing, sees it being increasingly specified in the educational and commercial environment.   This along with the added benefit of reduced electrical demand makes it an essential sustainable feature to include.


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BRANZ Appraised

The network is closely monitored and controlled for quality and in October 2009, the Solatube Daylighting System installation and roof penetrations process received BRANZ Appraisal [No: 665].

The BRANZ Appraised [No: 665] roof penetrations are also used for HomeTech’s proprietary extraction ventilation systems, which far exceed the New Zealand Building Code for ventilation standards.


Part of the Future Proof Building Network (FPB) and the Green Building Council, HomeTech works closely with other building industry innovators to educate New Zealanders about the benefits of having a healthy home.  The company was awarded a government contract for installing ventilation to its properties in 1993; and is proud to still hold the contract today. 


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