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We are designers and manufacturers of world-class commercial and residential furniture. Our products seem simple, but there has been much brow-furrowing and chin stroking to refine each design into an essential, classic piece - a faithful servant that will be used for decades to come. Quality like this doesn’t happen by chance, it happens when we love what we do.

There is an under-appreciated sense of joy when your table doesn’t wobble or your couch still looks great after another year of being used as a trampoline. We make modern objects that do just this. Classic, simple pieces that fit and adapt with your life – regardless of whether your life includes seventeen cats, two point five children or back to back meetings with Power Point acrobats.

We are also hard taskmasters – even after many years of service when your furniture might be looking forward to a quiet retirement, they can be refinished or reupholstered to give them a new lease of life.

Our products are developed in a rigorous design process that sees us working closely with our manufacturers to bring intelligence and efficiency to our work. We believe good design doesn’t shout. It is about constantly refining, improving and iterating to create products that are simple, durable and beautiful.

Our design process involves an abundance of passion and creativity, it’s where joy meets practicality – it’s Happy Modernism. Living alongside objects that make you happy is what makes us happy.


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