Jurado Architects

Jurado Architects, founded in 2006 by Scott Jury is a design based practice focusing on quality architectural commissions. Engaging a sustainable and detailed approach to all aspects of architecture across New Zealand and beyond.  Our attention to form, light, materials and spatial qualities respond to the clients brief and landscape in a unique way for every project.

The practice prides itself in quality services producing architecture with a point of difference. A strong background in unique architecture has cemented Mr Jury as a proven and competent Architect with both local and international commissions at both small and large scale.

Jurado Architecs have a wide range of experience and cover projects across various sectors of the industry including – high end residential, renovations, commercial, retail, hospitality and resorts. With all of our projects we cover both interior and furniture design and it is our exploration among other materials of carbon fiber composites and advanced construction materials that allow a unique approach to our work while pushing the boundaries in architecture and technology.


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Resort
  • Renovations

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