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Hi there!

I am one of those people who were born in the wrong place. It took a little while, but eventually I found my home in New Zealand. The awe-inspiring beauty of the country completely changed my life. I picked up a camera and nothing was ever the same again.

My love for architecture arose out of the rubble of a broken Christchurch, as a new urban space was rising up all around me. It set me on a path to capture the visions of people who dedicate their lives to creating a better, healthier city for everyone. I feel lucky to be able to make this small contribution.

Combine these two passions, and Lightforge is the result. Wearing my two hats as a self-taught creative and expat small business owner, I enjoy a pretty unique perspective. It allows me to tell the story of a space from an angle unlike any other.

Sounds good? Just get in touch, and we will explore how to tell the story of your space in captivating images. If you would like to learn more about my architecture photography packages, click here.


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