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With 4 different concepts, from the French Louis XV classic to the collection Chicago (1930s) and Mondrian (1950s). Montigny offers eclectic and original complete concepts including furniture, sofas, and decoration for the best quality interior decoration retailers all over the world

The Brand Charles de Montigny was the first French consul in Shanghai from January 1848 to June 1853. He founded the Shanghai French Concession in 1849 and bought into Shanghai the famous French Touch. His family was passionately involved in furnishing the homes of the wealthy. Montigny is now distributing the French Touch in 28 countries from and at the speed of the modern Shanghai metropolis.

About Michael

Michael Hayvice has devoted the majority of his working life to the furniture industry. His career started in 1960, in Wellington retail outlet Woodcraft. At the ripe age of 20 he was taken on as an inexperienced but extremely eager salesman. He quickly learnt the ropes and excelled. Joining forces with colleague Bryan Hutchinson (Hutchinson’s Furniture – Hawkes Bay) the pair was a force to be reckoned with. They commanded the New Zealand furniture market for the next few years.


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