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SilcaSystem® is a 400 x 450mm, 100% Recycled, engineered polycarbonate grate which is fixed directly to the joists of a standard timber deck construction and provides a solid, flat, braced surface on which to lay any kind of paving material, whether it be concrete pavers, travertine, brick, natural stone or the many other options available in the market today.

SilcaSystem® provides an economical solution for DIY homeowners, architects, developers, contractors and builders alike, to achieve their own creative designs and produce a durable raised patio adding value to your home or property and enhancing the outdoor living experience, without the continuous maintenance hassles and ongoing costs of wooden decking.

SilcaSystem® is a New Zealand made product designed to keep super-strong in any climate! Transform what would usually be an ordinary deck into a breathtaking elevated patio for a far more economical price than traditional methods with the construction of a concrete slab and tile system or the use of unsustainable hardwoods.

What is Silca System?

A bit about the history of Silca

One day, one of Bart Stuchell’s friends gave him a call and asked him to stop by. Bart did. The friend took Bart to see a deck that had a brick sidewalk built in the center. While looking at it, the friend noted that “You [Bart] need to invent something to make this type of project a whole lot easier.” Bart, known for his knowledge of the building industry, creativity, and inventions, began to think it over. A few months later, while at the NPE show in Chicago, Bart saw a product designed to support molds on a concrete floor and got an idea. He was well on his way to designing Silca System® and Silca Grate.

From concept to reality, it took about six months to design Silca System®. In 2007, the product made its debut. Since then, Silca System® has been used in a variety of applications, including on Bart’s own deck, in a number of states.


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