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VANTAGE® Windows & Doors, introduced to the market in 1971 with the launch of a range of high specification aluminium windows, is now one of New Zealand's largest brands in the building industry.

From the design and testing of window and door systems, to the manufacture and delivery of product, the VANTAGE team has established a positive and unsurpassed reputation with architects, builders and homeowners alike.

The VANTAGE portfolio appreciates the fact that homes vary in look, size and aspect to reflect their owners taste. We therefore aim to provide a specialised suite of windows and doors to suit every taste and functional requirement. Wherever your lifestyle takes you, VANTAGE will make more of where you live.

The METRO SERIES and APL® ARCHITECTURAL SERIES of windows and doors are ideal for bold or specialist applications. High thermal efficiency choices, utilising Thermal HEART® systems, are also available through the VANTAGE Residential and METRO SERIES.

VANTAGE is a brand owned and backed by Architectural Profiles Ltd (APL), one of New Zealand's leading companies for window and door systems. APL aims to achieve optimum quality in the development, production and delivery of products and services. It has wide-ranging standards that apply to its own internal operations as well as providing support to its network of manufacturers around the country to assist them in providing a high quality product to consumers. The APL quality philosophy is a vital added feature to the VANTAGE range.

The extrusion of our aluminium takes place on site, as does the surface finishing, which is carefully controlled through powder coating, and anodising processes. The APL Direct® distribution fleet ensures that product is delivered to customers in the best possible condition.


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