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100 Day Bach - Lake Taupo, New Zealand

From a barren lakeside section to a charming barn-style holiday home in just one hundred days, Kiwi couple, Hamish and Anita Dodd, have set a new benchmark on the standard of home that can be beautifully crafted on shoestring budget and an ambitious timeframe. 

Hamish says “There were a lot of things I enjoyed about the build, cladding being one of them. Finding something that was going to be different in the process. With something simple like this, because it really is just a rectangular box, we really needed a good-looking cladding of a certain caliber on the outside. Something that could match the home’s whole look”.

Abodo’s Vulcan Cladding has handled the heat of Taupo’s hot summer remarkably well – especially with four coats of black paint to give the home a dark brown finish. “It handled the summer no dramas at all. Because it was black everyone has asked me. But there’s not even a single crack”.

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