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France Street Apartments

This project enquiry started off modestly with a small box of project samples delivered to site and a chat about the MG100 advantages. 

Regular orders came in and when the scaffold came down we saw the cumulative extent of vents downpipes, taps and scuppers which the project demanded. 

Vanluk is satisfied with its contribution to the performance of this exterior façade.

Build type: New Build

Building Type: Luxury Apartments

Vanluk Product Used: MG100 For Pipes & Cables | Cavity Flashings

Developer: Urban Collective

Architect: Paul Brown Architects

Main Contractor: CMP Construction

Cladding Contractor: AliPro

Vanluk Installer: AliPro

Why use MG50 and MG100 Cavity Flashings?

The MG50 and MG100 are air seal flashings designed for cavity construction where a pipe or similar penetrates the building paper or RAB air seal. They are used inside modern cavity wall systems and maintain the integrity of the air seal and assist the rainscreen in weather tightness. Before the final weather seal around the pipe or cable to the cladding is applied, the pipe or cable can be moved without affecting the integrity of the air seal

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