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Black Barn Collection

THERE IS A ‘TEX-MEX’, almost High Chaparral feeling to the name Pintala. Rather than being built in the Dallas, Texas, area where Nick Bates lived, worked and studied for 10 years, this stunning property is in the South Auckland area of Waiau Pa. 

The fact the property was close to Nick’s workplace in Pukekohe was one plus. The views out over the Manukau Harbour, Awhitu Peninsula, the Waitakere Ranges, and even Auckland City, made the proposition irresistible. The added feature, and bonus, was private pedestrian and equestrian access to the beach to ride over. 

The name clearly has an exotic feeling and is an acknowledgement of Nick’s passion for breeding and riding Pinto sport horses. 

The North American contribution to the look and feel of the property is apparent. 

 “What influenced the design and development was the concept, and idea, of living in a home surrounded by the equestrian facilities. Accessibility to all these elements was a large part behind the infrastructure design. 

“The fusion of rustic-contemporary architecture has long been etched in my mind for this project. The home was designed simply and for functionality. For a smaller home we managed to incorporate comfortable spaces with high ceilings in the living area to create a bit of drama. 

“To me it encapsulates a coastal, equestrian East Coast (Cape Cod) of United States look and feel. The contrasting black exterior with pale joinery was a big part to this. The rock element helps ground the buildings and will serve as a common connection from structure to structure as the project progresses.” 

 The seduction of wood 

Although it is in keeping with the Cape Cod and barn-style structures Nick was adamant that wood would be the material of choice. 

“I find wood seductive in a way that draws you into the detail of the building. It’s versatile, charming and full of character. It is also timeless and warm, visually and literally. Wood is perfect for coastal environments and equestrian alike. For horses, they are more at ease in wooden structures than other materials, such as steel where sound tends to amplify.” 

The many and varied requirements Nick had for his home meant starting from the ground up was the only way he was going to have the equestrian property of his dreams. 

“This was actually the first time I have ever built or developed a property. Previously, I had always bought existing developed properties. I went in with confidence 

from my research and kept an open mind, appreciating there would be potential hiccups along the way. Having this mindset prepared me for small or large issues as they arose which were very few and very far between.” 

Working with a professional team kept the stress levels inherent in any building project to a minimum. Nick used all local tradespeople with his ‘main man’ Sam Crisp of Crisp Construction. Given its experience in creating lifestyle buildings, and flexibility in providing service and solutions, Customkit were clearly a key part of the team. 

“I am thrilled with the delivery and attention to detail Customkit provided. Everyone who visits the property is in awe of the detail, layout and facilities, all which complement the amazing location. The horses are delighted too.” 

The secrets of success 

As a home owner, successful real estate executive and now property developer, Nick has definite recommendations on how to make a project successful. 

“Research, plan and then plan some more. I spent many hours online, and across social media, using apps such as Pinterest in order to nail down what and how I wanted things to look like. That research lead to the inspiration for this property. 

“Also, know your limitations and fully understand what budget you are working with. On another property, in another location, what I have done may well have over-capitalised, should there be a desire, or need, to resell one day. 

“Finally, look into your building partners in great detail, including their past and present projects, their history, their people and the confidence to complete your project when expected. Visit current projects they have on the go. I visited a couple and was able to meet the owners of those builds which provided me with further confidence.” 

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