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Albany Family Residence

This award winning design and installation features simple home control and a stunning custom designed and built home theatre offering a cinematic experience in the clients home.

Our client had a clear expectation of what they required for lighting, security, AV and access control as well as a simple home control user interface which allowed anyone to seamlessly operate their home with ease.

We also met their expectation of being able to control their home from anywhere in the world.

A high-end cinema was of particular importance to this client as they enjoy movies and gaming whilst a more casual living room entertainment system was to provide for karaoke evenings, extending to the outdoor living area.

The simple home control is via eight iPad’s as well as two in-wall touch panels discretely located in the main house and pool house. These provide a simple user interface controlling Lighting, Audio/Visual, Surveillance, HVAC, Underfloor heating, Blinds and Curtains, Water features, Front and Garage Door, Vehicle gate and Security system.

An enterprise grade managed network provides coverage for all wireless devices allowing occupants to roam freely around the property with reliable coverage.

Security system and IP cameras are integrated with the touch panels and iPad applications. Disarming the Alarm activates path lighting to the kitchen. Arming the alarm activates Away mode and turns off all lights and AV. Miniature recessed smoke detectors are located throughout the home and mini motion sensors trigger pathway lighting upon activation. The security system provides full perimeter protection.

The custom living room AV system is multipurpose providing for TV, music and Karaoke. Custom painted Left Centre and Right speakers were colour matched and dual custom built subwoofers were ceiling mounted for discretion.

A second AV zone extends into the BBQ area, allowing a portable projector to be connected via soffit mounted inputs for outdoor karaoke. Wavetrain Cinemas were contracted to provide the cinema design in the pool house.

All aspects of the physical build, electronics, acoustics, HVAC systems and interior design components were specified to guarantee the desired level of performance and simple home control.

Electronic roller blinds are installed in the living areas, a specialised skylight blind system on guide wires shades the dining room and electronic curtain tracks add comfort to all bedrooms. Electronic window treatments are controlled via Vantage switches and iPad’s.

The solution that we delivered has an emphasis on simple, discrete yet highly powerful systems that are easy to use regardless of the persons native language.

All aspects of the home have been seamlessly integrated to provide an intuitive and simple home control solution that enhances the client’s enjoyment of their house.

The technology solution we’ve implemented is the perfect balance of comfort, convenience, security and entertainment with extremely intuitive and simple home control for all family members.

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