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Allenson Lifestyle Subdivision

This lifestyle subdivision has a delightful setting amongst vineyards, native Totara stands and sits adjacent to the Ohau river. It includes a community village green. The covenants on the properties include stringent rules on the style of house to ensure a style sympathetic to the idyllic rural setting. The houses must also encompass significant sustainable and energy efficient principals.

This house has a look derived from the traditional NZ Farmhouse, exemplified by the use of gable roofs and verandah's. The walls are primarily Timbercrete solid blocks which achieve a cob cottage feel, both inside and out. This product is manufactured from waste sawdust in Rotorua and is formulated into solid 250mm blocks that provide good insulation in addition to thermal mass storage. The gable walls and separate barn are clad in traditional ply and batten. Due to the passive solar design, the house requires minimal heating which is provided by a high efficiency woodburner. The home also uses a high efficiency heat pump hwc, collects its own rain water and is on a waste water treatment system.

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