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American Barn


Barns were once practical farm buildings for livestock, but now it's humans making the moves in droves to live in barns with all the creature comforts of home.

They're adaptable, flexible, and given the fact barn designs were originally based on church layouts, a 'heavenly' place for storing special possessions and as animal abodes.

Barns are now the residence of choice for a growing number of people who love the combination of rustic living and oodles of space.  People also like the sense of tradition and history in the places they now call home. 

That ws the case for builder Robin Verhoef.  Many people dream of having their own slice of 'Americana' to work and live in, and helping him create his wide open space was a job for Customkit.

"Having been a builder for many years, I know a good product and design when it see it.  The engineering and design is structurally solid which was a priority to me in an industry where the standards can be compromised which then can have an impact on the end result.

"My brief to Customkit was to achieve a quality workshop, barn and storage facility with the addition of a subsidiary dwelling at the rear including the mezzanine area.

"The Customkit system provided the design flexibility that enabled us to develop the project as we wanted.  The advice provided was practical and always solution-focused.

"I'm very pleased with the outcome, having achieved the barn/workshop of my dreams and a building that will stand the test of time."


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