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Auckland University of Technology

AUT is the fastest growing and second largest university in New Zealand, ranking in the top 1.2% of universities worldwide. Allproof designed developed and supplied polymer concrete strip drain that allow maximum drainage whilst upholding an aesthetic finish. 

One of the key factors that had to be taken into account is the high foot traffic of the area, the strip drain and grate needs to be durable and not cause any hazards. Allproof’s Polymer Concrete strip drain made an excellent choice, the range utilises polymers to supplement cement as the binder material, this creates a durable product that is excellent for commercial linear drainage installation. Allproof recommended the stainless steel wedge wire grate and heelproof cast iron grate for such high foot traffic, the combined grate and strip drain system has a load rating for pedestrian class A*. The wedge wire grate is also heelproof with a slip resistance classification of R11**, this ensures the grate does not present a trip or slip hazard.

Allproof’s sleek design and excellent workmanship have created an aesthetically appealing system that has been well designed to cope with all factors in a commercial project.


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