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Auckland War Memorial Museum

Tāmaki Paenga Hira Auckland War Memorial Museum

The suspended Tanoa Bowl is the centerpiece of Auckland War Memorial Museum’s newly renovated Te Ao Mārama, South Atrium. The distinctive geometric design, which represents the star maps used by Pacific cultures in navigation, was created with a custom aluminium frame and 108 panels of Barrisol Lation Gold. The backlit panels provide a warm glow which complements the timber throughout the Atrium. They also maintain acoustic integrity for the audio-visual experience beneath the Tanoa.

Lighting: By Stretchmaster

  • 24V 10watt 3000k / 4000k LED back lighting system.
  • Premium grade LED strip for Barrisol back light.
  • Dali compatible controllers/drivers.

Barrisol Ceiling: Certified original Barrisol Lation Gold stretched ceiling system. Code #06020 (Unlimited edition) – 108 Panels

  • Supply and install Aluminium framing structure to accommodate individual Barrisol panels.
  • CNC cut aluminium connection points.
  • Barrisol Rail System. 
  • BS Blade separator and wall rail BS350/01A20 Acoperf Acoustic perforations

Installation: September 2020 – Auckland


  • 2021 Interior Awards Winner - Supreme Award and Civic Award
  • 2021 Auckland ArchitectureAwards Winner - Heritage and Public Architecture

Photographer: Lightforge Photography, Dennis Radermacher

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