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Bathroom Renovation – Greenhithe

In this project Cain Built Ltd was asked to modernise the main bathroom.

The project came with its own share of challenges. The first being the difficult access to the site. This resulted in the Cain Built team having to muscle 500kg+ of tiles down the driveway as it was not safe to attempt driving down such a steep, slippery drive with such a heavy load.

Due to the nature of the construction of the floor doubling as a ceiling for the kitchen below, Cain Built created a new false ceiling which maintained the existing character that was previously there. Cain Built upgraded the flooring in the bathroom to treated plywood to meet the building code. This also allowed access to wire for improved lighting in the kitchen and the installation of down lights, which could not have been done previously.

Thirdly the waterproofing around the previously installed shower over the bathtub was carried out poorly. Fortunately, no significant damage was done, but it could have easily been a significant job to repair. To ensure there would be no future risk of faulty waterproofing in this bathroom Cain Built installed a Showerwell ‘Tile safe shower system’. The system is fully warrantied for no less than 15 years to ensure the clients had nothing to worry about.

The finished product and the service given for this bathroom renovation in Greenhithe exceeded the client’s expectations, which has led on to other work with the same clients.

Photo Credit - Cain Built

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