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Beca Office Technology

The brief from Beca was to equip all meeting rooms with technology to assist with collaboration and training. This included desktop sharing, audio and video conferencing, whiteboard integration and presence information. We were asked to provide varying functionality in different meeting rooms based on the same technology core for ease of operation and maintenance.

Part of the brief was to provide technology to enable Beca to be competitive in the marketplace and an attractive employer for job applicants. We were asked to incorporate standard software already in use within the business wherever possible and design the systems to keep the total cost of ownership to a minimum

Systems were to be simple to control so that training requirements and helpdesk support are minimised. The project encompassed seven floors and consisted of 73 meeting rooms, training facilities, boardrooms and break out spaces.

Executive meeting rooms contain a wall-mounted commercial 46” LED screen with wireless keyboard and mouse running Microsoft Lync Unified Communications software. The AV equipment is discretely located in a cabinet and sits under input connections for local sources. An electronic whiteboard rounds out the meeting space – allowing handwritten notes to be sent directly to meeting attendees.

Larger meeting rooms are equipped with dual monitors to allow the user to take full advantage of both the Lync and Polycom video conferencing systems. A second video conferencing camera allows a shot of the room while the primary camera is focused on the presenter. The interactive whiteboard and ultra-short throw projector provide the interactive user experience.

The Boardroom contains three 55” commercial panels with three video conferencing cameras. The screens were slightly curved inwards to maximise the viewing angle for all participants. The clear glass door and the wall can be frosted at the touch of a button when privacy is required. The Crestron system provides the interface for the AV, video conferencing and lighting control for this space.

The Crestron room booking system communicates room availability at a glance. If the room is free, you can book it directly from the touchscreen or if the room is busy you can search for the next available free slot and book that. Room Booking screens can be mounted in-wall, on glass or on a kiosk-style stand as Beca chose to do.

The 230 seat auditorium is driven from a lectern containing dual 12” touchscreens which give the presenter full control of the AV system, lights, window shutters and video conferencing system. Presenters have a confidence monitor to preview the content via one of the 12″ Crestron touchscreens before selecting the appropriate screen for display.

A lectern microphone, roaming microphones, 23 in-ceiling speakers and a performance grade audio system ensures every participant hears every word. Presentation equipment includes fully automated Crestron control, a 103” display panel, four 55” display panels, an ultra-short-throw projector and an interactive whiteboard.

This auditorium space can be used for meetings, lectures, presentations and functions and the setup can be controlled from the lectern, a simple wall-mounted keypad or from an administrator’s touchscreen located in the control booth.

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