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Black Barn Home

 A haven of beauty, culture and couth comes to life inside this latest Customkit creation.

A pure black building on a green field is stunning.  Just think of the All Blacks taking the field.  The two colour schemes are natural and pure New Zealand. 

Visiting Sue and Trevor Woodward's new wooden home is akin to arriving at a music or art museum.  Whether it is Sue playing a composition in adagio on her grand piano or new work by daughter, and artist, Sarah Jayne Kavali taking centre stage, creativity abounds.

Barn structures, as Sue says, create great acoustics.  With the high studs and exposed beams they make equally superb places to display art.

Sue and Trevor had visions of building a barn-type structure even before their paths crossed with Customkit.  The web was the first encounter and after a few phone calls and visits with staff the rest, as they say, is history. 

They chose the all black colour scheme to fit in with the country terrain and not distract from the beautiful rural setting they live in.  Sue took an active role in the overall planning and design of the house.  She wanted the piano and teaching space to be an integral part of the living area in order to allow a good space for student workshops as well as concerts.

Through initial concepts to final plans Sue found Customkit exceedingly accommodating and helpful.  As the building progressed Sue saw her initial vision becoming a reality.

"Having the huge LVL portals erected was wonderful.  It was visual proof that a barn=type structure can make for a beautiful home and living space.  It was also great seeing the Triclad board and batten erected.  The material is very textural and has interesting shadows.  We love it."

Now that the project is finished Sue says one of the better decisions made was to keep the exposed portals in the natural wood.  It helps to hammer home the barn heritage as well as being an interesting feature in its own right.

Though they are delighted with the current barn structure they have the option of expanding their horizons should more music or art creation places need building. 

"What I liked about the Customkit concept was the fact that if the need requires in the future, we could definitely add on.  My vision would be to create 'barn pods' which which would be done by the use of  interconnecting glass breezeways.  As dreams are free I already have the concepts and interiors planned."

For those looking at taking on a building project Sue has some very definite advice.  "Realise the big vision if you can, and listen to those who can help you through this process.  Think carefully how you live and what you want to achieve in building and creating your new home.  I not only did the interior layout but all the design elements.  If this isn't your 'thing' Customkit can help you achieve a great finished product and suggest other businesses that can help out."

There's no question that we love our 'Black Barn'! We love the idea that we could 'customise' it, to make it our own! We love the way it embraces not only the way we live, but the land we live on.

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LVL Portal Beams and Ply Gussets feature 
Open plan living and great indoor outdoor flow
Cathedral Ceilings
Natural Timber floor 
Grey hues 
Ply Gussets
Plenty of storage
Bedroom with the feel of an art gallery
Guest Bedroom
Master ensuite

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