In June 2016, Boffa Miskell Tauranga approached Bubble Interiors to look at the space-planning of their existing office premises. They wanted to open up the middle of the tenancy - to create more connection with, and allow more natural light to, the internal reception.

In discussing further how the space was used, it became apparent that perhaps there were some bigger issues that needed addressing around whether the office was supporting the business in functional workstyles and team interactions; and it was decided that the best approach would be to engage with all the Tauranga staff to get their input on how the offices were working for them, and how they might be improved.

And so Bubble were engaged to facilitate a Strategic Briefing process… An online survey was sent out to all staff to understand the feeling re the current workplace environment; to identify any inefficiencies; and to gauge the performance and allocation of the workspaces, meeting spaces and support facilities. To follow up, we facilitated an interactive workshop session with all the Tauranga staff to further explore the Boffa Miskell brand, values and culture, to discuss ideas around different workstyles and work settings, and to gain feedback on different aesthetic directions.

Staff feedback was that while the general look and feel of their current office wasn’t bad, they didn’t think it necessarily aligned with the Boffa Miskell Brand, nor did it support the culture of the Tauranga staff and their desired ways of working.

They all felt the team were actually pretty non-hierarchical and informal, and contrary to their current layout with separate team workspaces and lots of enclosed offices, they liked the idea of an open, interactive office that enabled increased understanding across the business and gave opportunities for staff learning from other’s conversations.

They also liked the idea of clients being able to see and experience this open culture with a visual connection from reception to an open workspace.

There was call for a variety of work settings where they could move around and choose different locations/settings based on the tasks they were performing or the mood they were in.

They were also desperate for meeting spaces with natural light (which their current meeting rooms didn‘t have at all) but also more open, informal meeting spaces.

A pretty clear aesthetic direction emerged - with a preference for clean, light-filled spaces, natural materiality including timber and the integration of greenery/indoor planting.

And so with a very clear brief, Bubble Interiors got to work on the design!

Initially the intention was to undertake the full refurbishment of their existing tenancy… demolishing most of the existing walls to create a much more open space to meet the team’s collective design brief.

But in looking at new layout options, it became apparent that even after opening the space up, there still wasn’t a lot of natural light given the limited perimeter glazing.

So, in order to make an informed decision as to whether they should be re-signing their current lease, and whether that tenancy would continue to meet the business’ needs, it was decided that we would go through the process of exploring what other office tenancies of a similar size were available in Tauranga’s CBD, and how they compared.

And that is how Boffa ended up on Level 5 of 35 Grey Street!

When we first saw this space - with the views, and the amount of natural light it offered - there was no going back…

So Bubble Interiors re-planned the design to suit the new tenancy, prepared all the design documentation, managed the building consent process, and then went on to co-ordinate a tender process for the fit-out work.

The build contract was awarded to Gartshore Construction, and despite Base Build not being finished when they started, they delivered the fit-out in 7 weeks, and in August 2018, Boffa Miskell moved into their stunning new workspace in Downtown Tauranga.

The fit-out includes feature lighting by Tauranga’s Maker Design Studio and feature lounge pieces from NZ’s FleTcheR Design, while all the workspace, meeting and cafe furniture was supplied and installed by local company Modern Office.

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