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Castle Stuart Clubhouse

The Castle Stuart Golf Links was designed to hark back to the traditional 1920’s links courses that the owner considers to be the halcyon days of golf. Within this context, the three-storey clubhouse takes a simple but bold and elegant form, with which the designers – G1 Architects – aimed to reinforce the aspirations of the golf course design philosophy. Architect Roy Malcolm adds: “the white exterior of the building makes reference to the tradition for white-washed coastal buildings along the east coast of Scotland. Then, pre-patinated copper roof cladding provides a richness and structure to contrast with the rendered walls. Exposed fins supporting the curved roof frontage represent a stylistic interpretation of the stone crown aloft the nearby 17th century Castle Stuart.” The natural development of copper patina from bright to dark brown and eventually to green or blue takes several years, even in coastal environments, but pre-patination provides this straightaway. In marine climates, the natural copper patina contains some copper chloride giving it more of a blue colour and this is emulated with the formulation of the pre-patination used here. A single storey Starter Pavil

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