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Cave Rock / Tuawera - Digital Twin - Aerial Scanning and 3D Virtual Tour

This project captured two aspects of this iconic landmark.

Digital Twin of the world-famous Cave Rock is also known as Tuawera. The Data for this model has been captured by using our UAVs. During the scanning session, we captured over 600 20mpx photographs from 30 - 40 and 50 metres above ground level. The Data capturing was undertaken in the early hours of Monday morning, avoiding people walking around. The session also needed to be planned on a low tide time to enable capturing the surrounding landscaping. 

3D Virtual Tour has been created by capturing data with the Matterport Pro2 3D Imager. The data acquisition needed to be planned to a specific time when low tide and also around sunset so the intensive light conditions will not cause interference with our cameras. This tour was created in 2021 as a case study for the Tourism industry to explore the potential of utilising 3D Virtual Tours for eCommerce and Digital Tourism. Since publishing the tour it became a World Wide know thebest showcase of how to utilise 3D Virtual Tours for the Outdoor Tourism industry. 3D Surveys Nz has been interviewed by Matterport about this tour and the article can be read on the official Matterport blogsite. Click HERE to view the 3D Virtual Tour

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The Cave Rock (Tuawera) - Digital Twin - Aerial Scanning
Cave Rock (Tuawera) - 3D Virtual Tour