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CCCS Jubilee Church

  • Location: Malua, Upolu, Western Samoa
  • Client: Congregational Christian Church in Samoa
  • Architect: Evan Ngau Chun
  • Structural Engineer: Kirk Roberts
  • Builder: CCCS/Shanghai Construction Group
  • Date: Winter 2016

Shelter under the rock:

Our Challenge:
Malua is a small village on the Samoan island of Upolu. The name originates from the Samoan word ‘Maluapapa’ which translates as 'shelter under the rock'. CCCS has been building their new church for several years and the massive structure is slowly taking shape.Techlam got involved in early 2015, we soon realised that the roof design would need modification so it could perform in the cyclone prone area.

The Techlam Solution:
We worked closely with the Church, engaging our engineer to redesign the structure making it stronger, and more importantly for the client, more efficient and less costly to build.Our design incorporated a ‘box beam’ configuration which matched the width of the concrete columns already poured on site – this enabled a seamless transition from the walls to the rafter beams. The beams are a dizzying 19 metres above the floor level.

Products Used:

Rafter Beams - These beams matched the existing concrete structural columns, creating one beam from two - this saved the client a significant amount of money.

“Well thank you for the words of encouragement – but we owe it to you and your company.”

“CCCS would not be able to complete that project without your contribution, and I believe your price was very reasonable considering the effort you put in and the initial trouble caused by incorrect drawings. Again, I express thankfulness and gratitude on behalf of CCCS. We pray that the good Lord continue to bless your company. I will keep in touch for future church buildings.”

General Secretary, CCCS Samoa

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