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Coatesville Home - Discreet Technology

With backgrounds in Project Management and Interior Design, our clients chose us to provide a turnkey solution instead of using multiple subcontractors.  The scope was to ensure discreet technology which blends with the homes architectural design, whilst keeping within budgetary requirements.

Our design encompasses interior design principles to integrate Communications, Security, Access, Audio Visual, Lighting Control & Automation in one easy to use control interface.

The kitchen /dining area is the heart of this home and encompasses a touch-panel to control lighting, heating, audio zones, AV sources, kitchen TV, security, blinds, driveway gate, front door, garage doors, display the client’s digital music collection and view the gate camera.

Wireless touch-screen remotes control the two main living rooms comprising a 7.1 surround sound media room with drop-down projector and recessed projector screen and a 5.1 surround sound TV room with 63-inch plasma. Both rooms display the gate camera and the remotes also control lighting, blinds and fireplaces.

All table and floor lamps and art lights can be controlled individually or as part of the ‘all on/off’ settings to accentuate the client’s glass-art collection, furniture and wall coverings. Arming and disarming the alarm triggers a number of actions, such as opening the gate, triggering outdoor and indoor lights, opening the garage door, and activating pathway lighting.

An ‘All Off’ button assists our clients to leave the house with one button press and be sure everything is turned off. Vantage keypads control lights, fans, mirror demisters, blinds, and “on/off”, “volume +/–“, “source-select” functions in all audio zones.

The Vantage mobile phone and tablet app provides control of the home via wifi and 3g.  Timers and tasks can also be scheduled from the home-office laptop or remotely from anywhere with internet access.

This project was delivered on time and budget utilising the latest in cutting edge iPhone software for the custom install industry.  Vantage lighting control and automation are integrated to control every technology subsystem in the home providing enhanced convenience, entertainment, safety and reliability for the clients, their guests and family.

The owners have been able to use their system without training as the user interfaces are so simple to use.  The finished result exceeded the clients’ interior design prerequisites and showcases the elegant integration of technology in a smart home.

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