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Crescent Head Surf Life Saving Club

Problem: Neeson Murcutt Architects needed a solution that would protect the multi toned glazed brick walls and unique matching glazed ceramic tile roof on the $2.2 million rebuild of the Old Kempsey-Crescent Head Surf life-saving club. They wanted to avoid grime and salt accumulation on the roof system with minimal maintenance from the volunteers and to reduce maintenance costs.

Application: Multi-toned mosaic-glazed ceramic tile roof.

The architect designed the outside surfaces so they would be durable in the marine environment and easy to maintain. With difficult access to the roof, the builders decided on ecotio2® to help with maintenance and cleaning of glazed ceramic roofing.

Outcome: Using the power of daylight, rainwater and dew, ecotio2® created a self-cleaning roof that continually breaks down algae, mould and organic matter, which can cause unsightly stains.

“After considering a number of different approaches to solving our problem a photocatalyst coating proved to be both the most effective and inexpensive solution.” - Tamas Jones, project architect.

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